Montana Moss Agate is the name given to the beautiful chalcedony found in the alluvial gravels of the Yellowstone River and its tributaries. The beauty of a polished Montana Agate is breathtaking! Behind every slice lies a new surprise and no two are ever alike.

Finding Montana Moss Agate:

"Although this type of agate ranges throughout three states, a small area in Montana seems to have the best of this agate. Found in gravel deposits in the middle and lower Yellowstone valleys. Agates are found in both the present stream bed and in the gravel terraces. 10 to 15 miles either side of the Yellowstone drainage.
They are nodules of gray, translucent chalcedony, which when cut and polished are seen to contain small manganese dendrites of pleasing appearance. Moss agates are popular recreation for amateur collectors and lapidaries; and are sold and traded in considerable numbers as semiprecous gem stones for use in jewelry and decoration.
Their hardness requires a diamond-beaded blade for successful cutting. Agates have increased in true and aesthetic value. They are becoming more scarce on the landscape. Many rockhounds and collectors visit this are every year from all over the United States.
The gravel beds and hillsides are Forsyth are constantly turning up new agates, depending on spring rains and run-off conditions…"

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